Urban Buses in Budapest

Budapest also has an extensive bus network operated by the Budapest Transport Center (BKK). Here’s some more information about the urban buses in Budapest:


There are over 200 urban bus lines in Budapest, with routes covering the entire city and surrounding areas. The bus lines are numbered and identified by a letter prefix indicating the area of the city they serve (e.g. B for Buda, P for Pest).

Hours of operation

The hours of operation for urban buses vary depending on the line and day of the week. Generally, buses operate from early morning until late at night, with some lines offering extended hours on weekends and holidays. It’s recommended to check the timetable in advance or use the BKK Futar app to plan your journey and stay up to date with any schedule changes.

Night Busses

Night buses in Budapest are a convenient and affordable way to get around the city after dark. The night bus network is operated by the Budapest Transport Company (BKV), and it covers most areas of the city.

Night buses are marked with the letter “É” (which stands for “éjszaka,” meaning “night” in Hungarian) followed by a number. They operate from around midnight until the early morning hours, usually from 12:30 am until 4:30 am, although some routes may have slightly different operating hours.

The fares for night buses are the same as for regular buses and trams, and you can purchase tickets at vending machines located at most bus stops or directly from the driver. You can also use the Budapest Travel Card on night buses.

There are currently 23 night bus lines in Budapest, and they operate on a different schedule than regular buses and trams. You can find the schedules and routes for night buses on the BKV website or through the Budapest public transportation app, BKK Futar.

It’s important to note that some night buses may run less frequently than during the day, and some may not operate on certain days of the week. Additionally, some routes may have different stops or slightly altered routes during the night, so it’s always a good idea to check the schedule and route beforehand.


The same tickets that are used on the Budapest Metro are also valid on the urban buses. Single tickets, transfer tickets, and travel passes can be purchased at vending machines or kiosks located at bus stops and metro stations. It’s important to validate tickets before boarding and to keep them handy during the journey, as they may be checked by ticket inspectors.


Many urban buses in Budapest are equipped with ramps or lifts to assist passengers with disabilities. There are also designated seats for passengers with disabilities, as well as for pregnant women and the elderly. Passengers with disabilities can request assistance by calling the BKK Customer Service Center at +36 1 3 255 255 or emailing [email protected].

Real-time information

The BKK Futar app provides real-time information about bus schedules, routes, and delays. Passengers can use the app to plan their journey and stay up to date with any changes or disruptions. The app is available in multiple languages and can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play.


Here are some helpful tips for using the urban buses in Budapest:

  • Plan your journey in advance: Use the BKK Futar app or the BKK website to plan your journey and check the timetable in advance. This will help you avoid any delays or missed connections.
  • Purchase tickets in advance: Tickets can be purchased at vending machines or kiosks located at bus stops and metro stations. It’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance to avoid delays and long queues at the ticket machines.
  • Validate your ticket: Tickets must be validated before boarding the bus. The validation machine is located on the bus and requires you to insert your ticket into the machine.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: As with any public transportation system, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close to you. Pickpocketing can be a problem on buses, especially during busy times.
  • Follow the rules and regulations: The Budapest Transport Center has rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. These rules include not smoking or drinking on the bus, not blocking the aisle or doors, and giving up designated seats to those who need them.
  • Use caution when boarding and exiting the bus: Be aware of the bus’s movements when boarding and exiting, especially when the bus is moving. The steps can be steep and there may be a gap between the bus and the curb.
  • Ask for help if needed: If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask the driver or other passengers for help. The BKK Customer Service Center is also available to answer any questions or provide assistance.