• Postal address: 1185 Budapest, Budapest-Ferihegy, 1675 P.O.Box. 53, Hungary
  • Office phone number: +361 296 96 96
  • Flight information: +361 296 70 00
  • Website:

Terminal Facilities and Airlines

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport consists of two adjacent terminals, Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B. Terminal 1 is no longer in operation, while Terminal 2 is currently undergoing expansion and renovation works. The airport is well-equipped with modern facilities, including restaurants, shops, duty-free outlets, ATMs, currency exchange services, and a post office. Travel agencies and tourist information centers are also available to assist you with any inquiries or travel arrangements.

Several major airlines operate at Budapest Airport, offering international connections to various destinations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East. Wizz Air, Lufthansa, Air Berlin, and Ryanair are among the prominent carriers serving the airport. Additionally, since 2015, transatlantic flights to Toronto and Montreal have been introduced, expanding the airport’s global connectivity.

Getting to Budapest City Center

Once you arrive at Budapest Airport, you have several convenient options for reaching the city center:

Airport Transfer Service

For a hassle-free and direct journey, consider booking a private airport transfer service. A chauffeur will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal, holding a sign with your name on it. This service ensures a comfortable and efficient transfer to your hotel, with the added benefit of pre-paid arrangements.

Bus 200E

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, take advantage of the city’s public transportation system. Bus 200E operates between the airport and the Kobanya-Kispest metro terminal (metro line 3). The journey takes approximately 25 minutes and costs just 350 Ft if you purchase a ticket from a ticket machine. If you plan on using public transport extensively during your stay, consider getting a travel pass that is valid for the bus 200E.


Another option is to take the bus 200E to the Ferihegy train station, located near the airport. From there, you can catch one of the regular trains that operate to the city center, specifically to the Western Railway Station. The train journey takes less than 30 minutes and costs only 300 Ft. Please note that the bus fare is separate from the train fare.


For a more direct and convenient mode of transportation, taxis are readily available at both terminals. Taxi stands are located outside the terminals, and you can easily identify authorized taxis from the designated company, Fotaxi. The fare varies depending on the zone of your destination within Budapest, with an average price ranging from 3,800 Ft to 6,500 Ft. It is important to use authorized taxis to avoid potential scams.


If you prefer a shared transportation option, consider using the minibus service provided by MiniBUD. The minibusses offer shared rides for a maximum of two passengers, providing a cost-effective solution. However, keep in mind that the journey may take longer as the minibus makes multiple stops to drop off passengers at their respective hotels.

Exploring Budapest and Beyond

Once you’ve settled into Budapest, you’ll find a wealth of attractions and landmarks to explore. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest offers a unique blend of history, culture, and stunning architecture. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the iconic Parliament Building, GellĂ©rt Baths, Heroe’s Square, Margaret Island, Danube Promenade, House of Terror, and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

If you’re interested in venturing beyond the city, Budapest Airport serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the Hungarian countryside. Renting a car from the airport allows you to travel at your own pace and discover the scenic beauty of the country. Car rental services are conveniently available at Budapest Airport, offering competitive rates and the freedom to explore.

Currency Exchange and Premium Lounge

For your convenience, Budapest Airport provides currency exchange services. An ATM is located in the baggage claim hall, offering a convenient way to withdraw Hungarian Forint upon arrival. Using ATMs is generally recommended over exchange offices, as the rates are often more favorable.

If you’re looking for a place to relax during your time at the airport, consider purchasing access to the Premium Lounge. This exclusive lounge offers a comfortable and serene environment where you can unwind before or after your flight.

Fun Facts and Historical Background

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport has a rich history dating back to 1938 when the idea of building an airport in Budapest was conceived. The airport served both civil and military purposes, with architect Karoly David Jr overseeing the construction. Over time, the airport underwent various improvements and renovations, leading to its transformation into a major international gateway.

The first regular flight took off from Budapest Airport in the summer of 1956, marking a significant milestone in the airport’s history. Since then, the airport has played a crucial role in connecting Hungary with the rest of the world, facilitating tourism, commerce, and cultural exchanges.


What is the full name of the Budapest Airport?

The full name is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

Where is Budapest Airport located?

Budapest Airport is located in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. It's approximately 16 kilometers southeast of the city center.

What is the IATA code for Budapest Airport?

The IATA code for Budapest Airport is BUD.

What facilities are available at Budapest Airport?

The airport offers a range of facilities including dining options, shopping, free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, car rental services, and VIP services. It also hosts several airline lounges.

Is there a hotel at Budapest Airport?

Yes, there are several hotels near the airport. The ibis Styles Budapest Airport Hotel is directly on the airport premises. Other hotels are also available within a short distance.

Can I exchange currency at Budapest Airport?

Yes, currency exchange services are available at the airport. However, the rates may not be as favorable as in the city. There are also ATMs available if you need to withdraw cash.

Are there any direct flights from Budapest Airport to the United States?

The availability of direct flights can vary depending on the time of year, airline schedules, and other factors. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there were not regular direct flights from Budapest to the United States, but that may have changed. Please check with your airline or travel agent for current information.

How early should I arrive at Budapest Airport before my flight?

It's generally recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international flight. However, check with your airline for any specific requirements.